Metro Cat

Cast a write-in vote for Metrocat as SGA President.

Breaking News

Metrocat is outraged to report that the "Write-in Vote" option is no longer available. He suggests that appropriate action be taken, such as a massive noisy protest on McKeldin Mall.

The powers-to-be fear Metrocat, and thus have stopped him the only way they know how, by disrupting the Democratic process. The SGA menace can no longer be denied, their reign of terror is drawing to a close.

As alternate forms of protest, Metrocat reluctantly endorses either the "Abstain" button, or the "Un-party" (in the hopes that they aren't just a gimmick).

One may also send mail to the Diamondback and voice your displeasure.

Metrocat 2000

Metrocat hopes that this, his third run for SGA president, will finally be successful. Soon, all will know the majesty and power that is the reign of Metrocat.

He is willing to take time to run the SGA while still keeping busy with his other primary activities: chasing mice, playing with big balls of yarn, and building impenetrable fortresses from which to conquer the world.

The Metrocat Platform

cute picture of metro cat
Image Copyright 1998 Washington Post

About Metrocat

Born in obscurity somewhere in the Metropolitan Area, Metrocat became a household name the day he appeared on the front of the Washington Post's Metro section. Since then his advocacy of student rights and his battle against the forces of evil have made him a hero to many throughout the world.

Entering the political arena for the first time, Metrocat boldly says what other politicians won't. Help Metrocat make our campus a better place. Courageously cast your ballot for Metrocat this week.

A vote for Metrocat is a vote for Truth, Justice, and the Maryland Way!


Write-in METROCAT for SGA President on April 12 or 13

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