Name: Vincent Michael Weaver

Born: 1440 EST, 13 February 1978
   (or, if you are a unix computer: 253136400 seconds after January 1, 1970)
   (or, if you are an MS-DOS computer: INVALID TIME must be after 1-1-1980)         

Towson, Maryland, USA, Earth

Childhood home: Joppatowne, Maryland, USA

Race:Terran (Human, Earthling, etc)


Hair:Lots, including sideburns.

Height:.0011363 miles = 1828.8 Millimeters 

Weight:600 Newtons, down.  (On Earth at sea level)

Education:6 years Joppatowne Elementary School, Joppa, MD
          3 years Magnolia Middle School, Joppa, MD
          4 years John Carroll High School, Bel Air, MD
          4.5 years Univerity of Maryland, College Park, College Park, MD
          2+ years Cornell University

Computer Experiences:
    First Family Computer:      Apple II          ~1984
    First Programming Language: BASIC             ~1984
    Next Programming Language:  Turbo Pascal      ~1990
    First Assembly Language:    80386             ~1993
    First UNIX Machine:         SGI Personal Iris ~1995
    Next Programming Language:  C                 ~1995
    First Linux Kernel Compile: 1.2.13            ~1996
    First Personal Computer:    Cyrix 486 (Linux) ~1996
    First New Laptop:           iBook2 (Linux)    ~2000

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