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I started undergrad studies in 1996. I missed all of my BBS friends so I tried out the talker community. I started up a talker of my own called Weave's World that I ran from my Linux machine in my dorm room (orginally a 486).
A talker is sort of a cross between a chat room and a BBS. You could get to mine by telnetting to 7000.
The talker software was VINTS 0.0.2, a heavily modified version of Neil's Nuts 3.3.2
I took the talker down in early 2001, after a run of 5 years. Part of this was due to graduating and no longer having a static IP I could use for the server, part was due to a hard-drive crash that lost a years worth of files, and part was due to everyone moving away from talkers to instant messanger and web forums.
As of 2011 I have recovered a snapshot of the talker from 1999 and moderninzed the code so that it compiles with a modern toolchain. Maybe I'll get it back up again...
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