A Small Note About These Associated Web-pages

Many of these web-pages are approaching their 5th year. In the past I would sometimes clean up and erase old pages, but invariably people would e-mail me wondering where they went.

So I elect to keep a lot of old pages around. Which can be interesting.

I wrote many of them in the summer of 1996, before I went to college. That is why there is a lot of high school stuff still. Back then most people still weren't on the internet, so I put a lot of information up that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

Back then unless you told someone explicitly, the only people who saw your site were bored college students.

My how things have changed.

It is strange having family members, prospective employers, and other random people from around the world viewing the pages. At first this was a bit awkward, but on the whole it has been a mostly positive experience.

So I'll leave the old up, and mix in the new. And doubtlessly these pages will archived by some web-spider and far into the future they might even pop-up uselessly now and again during an information search.

But that's all part of the fun.

Vince -- 9/2000