Vincent Weaver
21 November 1994
AP English III

To Conquer

The plants' only job was to conquer. They were quite good at it. In just 50 years the alien flora had supplanted the native Earth species. A member of the group even appears on the United Nations logo. All was going well toward the conquest until they were discovered.

Lief Deciduous, houseplant third class, sat in the primitive knowledge center. His purple-tinted green fronds wafted in the breeze from the heating duct. ``All is well,'' he thought, ``No one suspects.'' Suddenly he tensed --- an Earth biped approached --- and it had green eyes! Lief attempted to remain inconspicuous, but he failed. The ugly biped realized that Lief was not a native species. The biped turned and ran. Lief tried to enter its mind, to control it, but its green eyes were too powerful. Lief realized he was in over his head and decided to notify the authorities.

``Liz and Jenn!'' shouted the biped, whose name was Vince Weaver (by some strange coincidence). ``Liz and Jenn, that plant over there is an alien! He is controlling Steve and John, and the entire planet is in danger!'' The biped was out of breath.

``That's horrible!'' remarked Jenn. ``What can we do?''

``I haven't received orders yet.'' Vince, the biped, was actually an undercover agent for the United Federation of Planets. Unfortunately, his superiors were not aware of the danger. ``The only reason I have not been turned into a mindless servile slave, like Steve and John, is because I have green eyes. Apparently the aliens are repulsed by them.''

``Here'' said Liz, handing Vince a pile of goods. ``These are all green. Use them, and your calculator, to put a containment field around the plant.''

Lief saw the biped return from the discussion with two other slightly prettier bipeds. Wary, but not concerned, Lief awaited the biped's next move. ``These hominoids are not advanced enough to stop me'' thought Lief. ``I must contaminate this institution of learning.'' Suddenly Lief saw the objects in the biped's had and became worried. ``The bipeds are resisting assimilation! Send back up! Hurr-'' was all Lief could transmit before the field was up.

Vince was proud. He had saved the school, but few knew. He told many about his actions, but no one believed him. One biped, Erin, grew violent and distraught when told. Even the media was alerted, the Aegis* printed the article ``Invasive alien plants are a regional problem.'' The mistake was that the problem is not regional. It is galaxy-wide. Vince realized this. ``Twenty years'' he remarked to no one in particular. ``Twenty years until the plants get the message, and the reinforcements arrive. But I will be read.''

The plants knew he would be ready. They knew the base he would set up on the moon with his wife would be formidable. But there job was not to worry, but to conquer. They are quite good at it.

The End?

* Ewers, Charles. ``Invasive Alien Plants are a Regional Problem.'' The Aegis. Wednesday, 26 October 1994, pB8.
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