Year 17: Asteroid Redirect

Well, we tried at least

Well, we have an asteroid in orbit but it's not the best orbit. Why not move it somewhere better?

And why send lots of fuel up, when we can just send up some mining equipment?

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time. Here goes a big chunk of our funds:

We were too lazy to calculate an ideal inclined launch so we are wasting fuel doing the plane change in orbit.

We managed to match orbits without too much trouble:

And we landed, shining a nice green color for St. Kerman's day. We quickly set to work mining some fuel!

Let's start modifying the orbit too. We were having a hard time of it, so we decided to have Valentina relocate her ship to fire through the center of mass. Which, oops, seems to be not on the asteroid at all but on our mining vessel.

And then we quickly found out that we had severely over-estimated the amount of usable ore on a Class-A asteroid. Hmmm. Not before burning through most of the fuel. Now what. I'm not sure if Valentina and the mining craft have enough reserve fuel to hop to the Class-C asteroid that will be arriving in a few months. We'll have to think about this a bit.
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