Year 20: The Collapse of the Laws of Physics

Some Unlikely things have been Happening

How about it IkeStationZebu crew, have you made your decision yet on who gets to go home? Remember we want at least one pilot to stay behind as well as one Scientist to run the lab.

How about anyone else in the Duna system. You might dimly recall that LOTR fan Merrey is stuck on Duna without enough fuel to reach orbit. We should probably rescue him sometime, but he seems to be in good spirits:

And Jeb, well, keep on doing what you're doing I suppose.

Meanwhile we got a contract to rescue a Kerbal from low-Kerbin orbit. Let's send Metroid Kerman with some massive-overkill rocketry to go get them.

Why rescue someone with a spaceship when you can rescue them with an *asteroid*. It's nice having some extra Delta-V to play with.

I don't know who keeps losing Kerbals in orbit like this. Even our ships usually manage to have more than just one part when they get disabled. OK Sigbert it's time to be rescued.

Flying off into the sunset:

And he made it no problem! He wasn't even all that curious why we brought an asteroid along.

Well time to head back home. What's that Sigbert? No, I think it's OK if we leave the asteroid attached.

Hmmm we seem to not have enough SAS. On the plus side the rapid spin we are in is making for fairly even heating.

And umm hmmm. I wasn't expecting most of the ship to survive. I think Mitrid has suddenly realized what situation we're in. Quick, detatch the asteroid! Our plan was to try to land it on top of the VAB but you can see we're about 20km short.

There's a nice new feature on the grasslands just outside the KSC. Maybe we can make it a new tourist attraction.

Enough silliness, let's rotate the IkeStation crew. In the end Mildia, Pabella, and Lonie won the competition. Here they are blasting toward home. I really like this rocket design. A bit pricy but plenty of Delta-V.

Meanwhile, you might recall Luzor was trying to make it to Pol. His ship, sadly, did *not* have a lot of extra Delta-V. We did manage to get a Pol encounter but just like last time we were going about 150m/s too fast to make orbit.

Luzor had other ideas though. Maybe his suit had enough RCS to make it:

Oh no! It didn't! Hurtling toward Pol at 100m/s, could this be the end of Luzor? But then.... he bounced. And bounced again. And so in an unlikely fashion we checked off a contract.

Meanwhile in the real world it's quite late, late enough that Space-X is launching rockets/landing on barges in the background while the Ike crew is navigating their way back home.

In the end the Ike crew had enough extra Delta-V they thought they'd swing by Minmus and see what Valentina was up to. They're so much more cheerful here than they were on the Ike Station where everyone is constantly upset.

Soon after Detrix and Bill were finally approaching home after being stranded in deep space for 10+ years. They got a bonus Mun encounter:

Gazing in awe as they see Kerbin again:

Re-entering! Using the last of the delta-V for a targeted landing:

And wow, best job yet, although still landed a bit outside. It really helped having the asteroid out in the plains as a landing marker. Bill and Detrix are now Level 3.

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