Poetry by Vince Weaver

These are works of poetry, prose works can be found here

A Branch Prediction Poem

This poem is really obscure unless you are a computer engineer.

Mystic laptop poem

Too much LOTR in my life, not my fault!

German Poetry

Some poorly written poetry in German (with translations for you English speakers)

Poems in the key of Talbot

Random poems about life in the basement of our dorm, Talbot Hall. Talbot Hall is small boxy structure once inhabited by Jim Henson, and more recently by me and my suitemates.

Random Rhymes While Attempting Physics

Based on an actual story. Not as dramatic as some of my other poems, but I had fun making the rhymes.

Physics Homework

A tribute to the many hours I put in doing the worst homework of them all.

"Alone and Far Away"

A sorta sad and depressing poem.

"In Pennsylvania" or "How Not to Build A Teleporter"

A cool poem about my ex-gf Marie and Teleportation Experiments.

The Robin

A great poem vaguely reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe.

My Girlfriend's Gone to Spain

A poem dedicated to now my ex-girlfriend. Cool rhymes. Got published in my school's literary magazine.

The Girl With the Golden Hair

This poem was dedicated to a girl I liked for two years. A very long story. Still pretty neat.


This poem is about an evil entity who makes working at my summer job miserable. He may or may not be related to his 2001 namesake but he is ever present.

Don't Worry About the Plants

This poem stems from an incident in High School when alien plants were invading. They avoided people with green eyes and with the help of Lizbeth Donarum I managed to repel the invasion. The incident also resulted in this poem.
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