Guinea Pig Adventure I

3d Guinea Pig


I started working on this game as a little experiment in OpenGL programming back in 2001. I had a 3dfx Banshee card, and was testing out the new Mesa accelerated graphics.

About Guinea Pig Adventure

The game is currently only partially complete. It is somewhat reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII. It's a First Person RPG where you fight enemies but there will eventually be a significant story.


Here is me, in my own video game.

Here is a picture from 0.0.13 in outer space

Here is a picture flying the spaceship in 0.0.13

Here is a picture skimming low over the ocean in 0.0.13

Here what the main map looked like in 0.0.6 (mostly unchanged in 0.0.13 except for better lighting and towns)

Click herefor an animated gif from version 0.0.1

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to move. 'L' turns off lighting. I,J,K,M move the camera around. That's about it so far.

Downloading the Game

The game is Linux only. It has been compiled on OSX and Windows (via CYGWIN) many many years ago, but it is only tested on Linux.

For best performance you NEED a 3d accelerated card with Linux support. Although maybe not anymore, as 14 years of Moore's law have helped.

You will need version 1.2 of the SDL Library.

You can download the source from github here:

Or download a snapshot of the source here: gpa1-0.0.14.tar.gz (216K) 11 September 2015
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