FAQ for the Apple II Megademo

  1. Is this based on a true story?

    Yes, though I took some artistic liberties.

    For example, the real Froggysue wouldn't be caught dead in a dress.

    Also, Susie would have chewed through the phone cable inside, and ran off at 100mph outside (rather than following me).

  2. Why is the e-mail in German?

    I like German.

    Also I thought it would let me use some umlauts, but it turns out you can either get lowecase "o" or umlauts but not really both. Getting "o" also means you can't get dotted i and j either, which is a shame. In theory I could try to alter the timing per-line but that would be more trouble than it is worth.

    Real-life Froggysue does not speak German, alas.

  3. Why is Deater's spaceship parked so far away from his house?

    Zoning laws? Maybe the neighbors complained.

  4. What sort of creature is Stealth Susie?

    Stealth Susie / Little Girl was an American Crested Guinea Pig. She has her own website.

    Despite apperances, she's not one of those slime creatures from the beginning of Out of this World / Another World.

  5. Why isn't Susie visible when you get off of the large bird?

    Typically she preferred riding around in the darkness of my shirt.

  6. What language is that weird text in the "starring" part?


  7. Did you fully implement everything you wanted in this demo?

    No, I had some plans for a lot more subtle sub-animations. Also, the Apple II in scene 2 was supposed to scroll in from the top.

  8. Why are the mid-screen mode flips glitchy?

    Because you really aren't supposed to be doing them.

    If I had more time I'd try to minimize the glitches. They don't appear under emulation and I waited too late to test things on real hardware.

  9. What is the Rasterbar field around Saturn supposed to represent?

    It's a metaphor for US Route 15 through Pennsylvania.

  10. Has the real Froggysue seen this? How did she respond?

    She said "Weren't you supposed to be applying for NSF grants?"

  11. This demo is awful compared to the awesome demo I made for a C64.

    Yes, but I doubt your C64 demo will run on a machine from 1977 that's more or less completely constructed out of 7400 series logic chips.

    Also your C64 demo can't even load itself off of disk without the help of an additional 6502 processor so I wouldn't get too excited about how awesome it is.

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