Raspberry Pi 1B "Pi on Fire" Demo

A mostly "bare-metal" (no Linux!) demo running directly on the original Raspberry Pi. Originally meant to showcase my pt3_lib pt3 decoder. I say mostly bare-metal as it's running on my extremely low-end VMWos operating system.
This Demo won 2nd place in the Modern Demo category at Demosplash 2019 on 9 November 2019.


Disk Image

System Requirements


Source Code

Source code can be found as part of the VMWos project http://github.com/deater/vmwos in the userspace/demo directory

Screenshots and Dev Notes

Opening Screen. This dates back to my DOS programming days. Countdown is while it decodes the 6-channel pt3 file to raw 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo output. The pi plays that in the background via DMA. This is cheating; ideally interrupts would be set up and only part would decode at a time. Decoding all at once was easier, and after doing a lot of Apple II work the 512MB on the Pi seems like inifinite memory.
Linux boot fakeout. This is a fake Linux boot, with some editorializing about everyone's favorite /bin/init.
Falling text. Uses ANSI console code I wrote earlier for ansi2gif and vmwos.
Linux logo. Did you know that I'm also the original author of the linux_logo utility?
Rasterbars. I meant to do something fancier here but ran out of time.
Mode 7 flying over pi code. Roughly based on code originally by Martijn van Iersel here. Uses all integer code (20.12 fixed point), even though in theory I figured out how to get floating point going on the Pi. An extra challenge is there is no integer divide on the BCM2835. The sky image is from the Hubble deep field picture.
Doom fire. Just a direct implementation of Fabien Sanglard's PSX Doom Fire. The text catching on fire when scrolling was a happy accident.

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