Rasterbars in Space -- A Game for the Apple II

This is a vapor-lock cycle-counting demo for the Apple II. It might eventually become a full game.


Capture from actual hardware.



Future notes

Right now the cycle counting is pretty elaborate, but the rasterbars are only 40x48 not 40x96. This is because you can't switch HI/LO and PAGE1/PAGE2 both in time to do the bar effect. It should be possible to do this in the end if we mirror the HGR image on both PAGE1/PAGE2, but this takes 16k of RAM so will have to wait a bit (for reasons that will eventually be revealed).

The other trouble is having to write the graphics/sprites to both PAGE1 and PAGE2, we might have to interlace every other frame for that to work.


New 40x192 enhanced Level3:

Mixed hires/lores/text Level6:


Development Log

13 June 2019

Released 0.7 which makes the surrounding game a bit easier to use. Returns to title screen after game over, which is nice, but some data structures aren't cleaned up 100% and it will be a pain to fix that.

Released 0.6 which adds the new 40x192 15-color "Level3". This came out of my rasterbars demo, as someone asked me if the mode was good for anything useful. Game has its issues, but it is playable.

8 October 2018

Released version 0.5. This code was reused in the Apple II Megademo.

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