The Title Screen

Tom Bombem

Merciless Marauding Malicious Marketers

A standalone game that fits in only ~8k! No glibc needed!



Much in the spirit of 0verkill here is an ASCII/ANSI art space adventure game.

Not only do you not need X to run this, you don't even need a C library! tb_asm is coded entirely in assembly language, optimized for small size.

Code works only on x86 right now. PPC port is underway.

Code fits in only 8k, or 2 cpu pages. Also should fit entirely in your CPU's instruction cache. It uses 24k of RAM in addition while running.





You are Tom Bombem, a shy inhabitant of Moon Base Alpha. One day you have the opportunity to save the world thrust upon you. Destroy the Malicious Marketers who will not rest until they've telemarketed you, junk-mailed you, and unsolicited commercial e-mailed you.
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