Tom Bombem... Cross-stitched

One of Kristina's hobbies is to cross-stitch. Stitching the pictures one block at a time is very similar to creating sprites for video games. So I had the idea that maybe she could cross-stitch some scenes reminiscent to my Tom Bombem games (which I tend to doodle endlessly).

I was all set to create my own cross-stitch pattern generator, but luckily I checked first and found which did a great job.

We did have to eyeball the colors a bit, as the thread color-matchers that come with such programs need a little work. But below you can find the results.
Spaceship Cross Stitch

You can make this yourself, here are the directions (in .eps format. You'll need ghostview or a similar program to view):
Spaceship Cross Stitch

This one attempted a more 3-d angle for the ship.
Here are the directions (in .eps format):
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