Trogdor Music Video for Apple II

The music video from SBEMAIL58 but on your Apple II

Legal Note

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Here's a capture on an actual Apple IIe platinum. Note the sound sync is off compared to emulators. I'm not sure if it's Linux, OBS, my capture card, or a combination of all three.


Note: these were captured with the AppleWin emulator.

Here it is displaying on a (broken?) Monitor III. For some reason the monitor can display text fine but hi-res graphics make it glitch out. Probably needs capacitor replacements or some sort of scary CRT-adjustment. The signal is coming from the neighboring II+, the IIe it's on doesn't have a working floppy drive.

System Requirements


ROM Image

Source Code



Development Notes

30 January 2024

I've been working on this off and on since December. Took longer than I thought to get it done. Was hoping to have it done by Trogday.

Some of the graphics effects ended up being surprisingly tricky. Some of the code is based on that from my much-maligned second reality port.

Graphics were pulled from the youtube video.

Music arrangement by Tom_FJM in this video (used with permission). I didn't get the source, I reversed the music from the midi visualization in the video.

I initially planned of having the lyrics printed somehow, but it would be slow and I also ran out of RAM. Sorry for those of you who don't know the words!

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