Mendocino, CA

Left the Hotel California today after finding some breakfast, and worked our way across the Golden Gate Bridge onto Highway 1 (CA-1). Absolutely gorgeous drive. I’ve discovered two thing about my wife: one should never give her a camera unless you’re sure you want to be stopping and taking pictures of everything. The second is that she really can’t relax when someone else is driving switchbacks around cliffs.

After about an hour we decided we’d had about enough and veered off course and went in search of Highway 101 and a faster drive. We found Petaluma, CA and stopped off for some lunch. Then up Highway 101 for a while until we
reached CA 128 and took that back towards CA-1 and Mendocino. On the way we drove through the Navarro redwood forest, and we saw our first redwoods!

Finally rolled into Mendocino around 6. We’re staying at a hot tub place. Yes, at a hot tub place. The Sweetwater Gardens Inn and Spa. Basically, they give you a room in the area around their public hot tubs, and after hours, you get a hot tub all for yourself. Mendicito is a weird blend of hippie turned yuppie turned victorian waterfront town. It’s main claim to fame is that it was the town ‘Murder She Wrote’ was filmed in. Grabbed a waay-to-expensive dinner (but at least it was good), and then walked down to the beach. Manged to run the camera’s battery down (did I mention that Katy takes a lot of pictures?). Came back, hit the hot tub, and now to bed.

Also listened to the Dr. Demento show randomly. I haven’t heard Dr. Demento in years, as I think they stopped carrying it in Baltimore and I never found it again. And saw a gigantic rabbit. I mean, white, fluffy, and about 3 times larger than I’d ever expect a rabbit to get. Pretty freaky.

Tomorrow, it’s on to the redwoods, and a nice cabin in the woods.