Bandon, OR

After sleeping in until past checkout time and breakfast (lunch) at Denny’s, it was on the road north again. We crossed into Oregon and did the usual ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the scenery. Did the obligatory stopping along the coast at various beeches and forests/cliffs that looked interesting. Also stopped at Brookings Harbor, OR, and walked through their Azalea Gardens. It’s there to preserve the wild azalea’s that were growing there when lewis and clark discovered them, appearently. A nice little diversion.

The coast of Oregon is also quite breathtakingly beautiful. Most of the beaches along the coast have large rocks either on the beach or just off the shore. Huge monuments left there due to strange erosion patterns. It makes for quite a fantastic effect on the view from the beach, as the waves crash over them.

It didn’t take too long to reach Bandon. Bandon is a nice little town. Again, we’re staying at a place that’s right on the beach, but this time it’s a B&B that’s making a special allowance for us to stay just one night. The Dunshee House at Face Rock. The room is unbelievable. It’s basically the second story of the innkeeper’s house, and it’s high up on a cliff and it overlooks the beach. Sadly, we see there’s a real-estate for sale sign out in front, so it looks like the owners are trying to sell it, which is a pity. I’m writing this from an Adirondack chair in top of the roof, looking out over the ocean.

Spent the rest of the night watching the sun set over the ocean and relaxing. Tomorrow, its off to Newport, OR. A three hour drive.