Over the past several years I’ve tried started to write blogs three times now, and each time it’s lasted maybe a month or so and then stopped. Maybe this time will be different now that I have a more permanent server. is a great static web site, but doesn’t allow running of nicer, more dynamic apps. And running my second blog off of a QEMU instance running on a Via C3 600Mhz server and my home IP address proved to be too cumbersome. Now that we have our own site, this should be much more permanent. Let’s hope tird time is the charm.

But I think the problem really runs deeper. It’s hard to discuss things on your blog because it’s so public. Most things that are going on in your life you can’t discuss. Excited about that new job offer you got? Better not mention it here, or else your current job might find out. That friend/girlfriend/wife really get under your skin? Nope can’t post that either, unless you’re -really- looking for trouble. Working on something really cool at work? best leave that off as well, since you probably can’t talk about it.

So what’s left?

Hobbies. Cool projects, programming or otherwise. Family news announcements. That’s about it, and when you spend most of your life at work as I have recently, there’s not much left. That probably says more about my life right there than anything else.

Here’s hoping this blog stays moderately relevant and interesting for at least a few people out there.