Well, Katy wants a static front page, and wants her own blog. That wouldn’t be possible with WebFaction unless we upgraded our service. Except that as of a few days ago, Webfaction just upped their service for everyone, so now everyon has ‘unlimited’ applications (within disk space limits). This means we can run two blogs, a static front site, the photo album, and the subversion server for the photo album. Very very cool.

Work has me writing Windows socket programs again. I thought I’d left that whole frustration behind with my last job, but I guess once you know how to do something the work has a way of finding you. On the bright side it lets me play a -lot- with KVM to run virtual windows machines. And get this, you can download MS-DOS 5.1 or Windows 98SE from MSDN, but you can’t download Windows NT or Windows 2000. Sigh.