Crescent City, CA.

We checked out of our place in Miranda and headed north. We did a few hikes around the redwoods and took lots of photos. Also took a couple of self-guided walking tours/trails to learn some more. Its still amazing to walk beneath these trees. We were fortunate enough to find some trails that weren’t very crowded at all so we were able to spend some time with just us and the quiet of the forest. Too cool and peaceful for words.

We grabbed lunch at the north side of the park. We’re eating out a lot but we knew we were going to do that and budgeted for it so it’s not a big deal. We left the official redwood state park and started up highway 101. We stopped a few places along the way, including a very nice beach when the sun was out and the view with the blue sky, blue ocean, and beautiful coast with forest right up to the edge. We stayed there a little longer than we should have since we both needed a break from driving and the view was great.

We stopped by the town of Eureka, CA. Err, not much to say there.. they have a boardwalk that’s, literally, nothing but a wooden walkway along the beach. Apparently the town got the money together to build it, but the commerce that was supposed to be built up around it never happened. Stopped by a book store and avoided spending more money (we’ve been doing that a lot on this trip, although not always the ‘avoiding spending money’ part). Also stopped in a used music store and bought a DVD to watch later that night.

Stopped along the way for some Elk viewing, which was random and cool.

Drove into Crescent City, CA around dinner time. We stayed in a seaside hotel that was right on the beach. Looked around the city itself for a while and wasn’t really impressed… it’s not that great of a place, at lest not to our eyes. Not much to do so we grabbed some dinner and then went back to the hotel to walk in the beach at night, watch a movie and then get some sleep.

Tomorrow, it’s on to Oregon.