Hello, vacation!

It’s the night before we leave on our Honeymoon. We’ve been married a week already, and we can’t wait to get going. Neither of us has taken a real vacation since going to the Liepins’s wedding last year, so it’ll be good to take 2 solid weeks off for just ourselves.

We’re flying into San Fransisco tomorrow and driving up the west coast, ending up in Vancouver before we fly back. It should be a lot of fun. Katy’s planned out the whole thing so it’s almost like it’s a big of a surprise to me what will happen.

I wanted to get my personal blog working again, but I haven’t had time. It’s been down since we moved into the new house. So this new blog will have to do for now. I wanted something to post about this trip to, so this will do for now. We are taking one laptop with us, but we’re only using it for directions and perhaps to post to this blog.

Now to figure out where to put photos from the trip…