Newport, OR

Rolled out of Bandon after oversleeping and having to hurry to get out in time for checkout again. Pretty uneventful trip the coast. The drive is still going pretty well. We must be getting closer to the weekend though because we’re seeing more and more RV’s on the road. A pretty drive, but we’re stopping fewer and fewer places along the way since, well, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful beaches and beautiful forests already.

Stopped off for some truly horrible lunch in Florence(?), OR. I didn’t think it was possible to have a bad grilled cheese and bacon, but apparently when you under-cook the bacon and use bad cheese.. it’s possible.

Stopped by the Sea Lion caves, which was cool. A 220 ft. elevator descent into a natural cliff-side cave that sea lions use. For once, it was the animals in their native habitat and we, the humans, were behind the screen watching them. Very cool.

Rolled into Newport, OR and promptly realized we didn’t have directions to the place we’re staying., the Newport Belle B&B, mainly because it’s a B&B that’s on a houseboat in the harbor. After a few phone calls we found the place, checked in, and then headed to the Rogue Brewery Co for dinner. Some of the best beer I’ve had in a while, and the food was good too. Besides, they gave you chopsticks to eat your burger and fries with. Chopsticks. French Fries. Camera. Fun. Came back to the boat/hotel, met a few of the other people staying here. Watched ‘The Jerk’ on DVD with another couple, and then to bed.

Tomorrow, it’s on to Portland, and our first multi-night stay. Yay.