San Fransisco

Flew from BWI to Oakland this morning, for some reason I was actually nervous on this flight, more than usual. But oddly, I calmed down right as the plane was taking off down the runway and the rest of the flight I was fine. Katy and I wound up doing all the puzzles in the in-flight magazine together. It was fun.

Picked up the rental car. It’s a Pontiac Grand Prix. I only mention it because it’s going to become our primary home for the next two weeks, so it’s kindav important to our lives right now.

Drove from the Oakland Airport into San Francisco, over the Bay Bridge. We’re staying at the Hotel California. It’s a 96 year old hotel, and it feels like an old, downtown hotel. Pretty cool, actually. We grabbed some lunch and then a nap so we could regain our strength. Next we walked from the hotel to the top of the crooked section of Lombard Street, and from there, down to the pier. Walking in this city is, of course, not the easiest thing in the world. Grabbed some dinner and then went to find the sea lions. Which I’m fairly certain that everyone must do when coming to San Francisco, they’re just too cool. I didn’t realise it but apparently they only showed up at pier 39 after the 1989 earthquake. I took videos which didn’t come out too well, but the audio of them bleating should be interesting. A pretty good first day.

Tomorrow we drive the longest single leg of our trip (~4.5 hours) up to Mendocino.