One of our cats, Schizoid, is very sick. It started two weeks ago when he stopped eating and drinking, and got in very bad shape before we got him to the vet. It happened very quickly. He knew he was skinny but he was acting normal so we didn’t think too much of it. Unfortunately, he’s been diagnosed with kidney failure. There is no cure, but we’re giving him subcutaneous injections of fluid and he’s perked up quite a bit since then. From what we understand, he could live for another few days or he could live for another few years. They way he’s been acting the past couple of days, we’re leaning towards the ‘years’ part as he seems very happy now that he’s getting fluids. But then again, he’s always been the sicklier one between him and his brother.

Tonight though we noticed he’s lost a bit of his appetite again. Maybe it’s just that we had to give him fluids again tonight and his body’s adjusting, and maybe he’s eating more during the day, I don’t know. Let’s hope it was a one night thing. He certainly seems happy, unlike when he was really sick; he just wasn’t eating as much as we hoped tonight.

The first thing the vet asked was whether we had given him any of the contaminated pet food from china, as that was causing kidney failure last year. We weren’t, we specifically checked, and none of the food we’ve been getting has shown up on any lists. So let’s hope those lists are accurate.

It’s been quite an adjustment for us. We’re now giving injections 3 times a week, 3 pills a day (pill pockets are our friends!) and feeding our cats wet food to try and get some pounds back on Schizoid, and it makes traveling and what not a bit more difficult, but as long as we can keep him happy and comfortable, we’ll keep doing it. He is family, after all, and we love him. He goes back to the vet on Monday for more blood work to see if he’s really improving at all.

On the bright side, we found a vet we like. Just wish it had been under better circumstances.