Welcome to the new Clemens Family Homepage

After owning this domain for the last 4 months I figure it’s about time to really start using the homepage in addition to the photo album site (photos.clemensfam.org). This weblog is set up so that both Katy and I can write to it whenever we want to. There have been a few times recently when I’ve wanted a blog again so I could post things I’ve learned to it. Mainly these involve the joys of home ownership. Maybe by making this homepage a blog we’ll actually post things to it like we should.

I’ve already imported the journal reports I made during our honeymoon, so there’s a little bit of content here. This is wordpress, so there’s RSS and ATOM feeds if you like that sort of thing.

Please note that I (john) will still be using my own homepage on deater.net/john for most Linux/professional/non-blog related things. This page is more for my personal life.

For those waiting for the professional wedding photos to be posted, the delay is caused by a few problems in  the web photo album software I wrote.  The photographer used film for everything, then scanned in the photos and gave us the digitized scans as well as the proofs and the negatives.  Unfortunately, I wrote shutterbug to use the EXIF data to orient photos the correct way automatically, so I never added the ability to rotate photos.  Since the photos were bulked scanned in, they don’t have EXIF orientation data like they would if they were taken with a digital camera.  And since there’s no way to rotate them, they come out sideways or upside down all the time.  When I get more time, I’ll add rotate ability, but for now, it means we can’t upload the professional wedding pics.  There’s also a small problem with memory usage of shutterbug while uploading photos, which gets me on WebFaction’s no-no list; so I need to fix that as well.