A Somewhat Dated Guide to Understanding Vince Weaver's Inside Jokes

I have realized that many people viewing my page might be confused by some things I consider funny. That is because a lot of things I consider funny, no one else does. Most of this is because I think dumb things are funny, but others are because we share vastly different experiences.

To truly think like me, you should be male. Being an American from Maryland helps a lot too. Helping even more would be growing up in Harford County, going to John Carroll [lots of inside jokes from teachers/friends/experiences there] and doing th various other things I have done. If none of these are possible, you can always read/observe/watch my following list of most important things.

There are lots of other inside jokes that make life interesting. Such as, to make math interesting, give descriptive names to all the greek letters. Feel free to help me with this. Alpha=fishie. Beta=ssssss [German reference] Gamma= dead fishie. Lambda=giraffe. Omega=dead bird. See how much more interesting mathi is when sin (fishie) = 2 cos (dead fishie)? Hehe. If you still don't get it, get someone to draw out all the lower-case greek letters for you. If you still don't get it, then you have no imagination.

Anyway Thank You

Vince Weaver

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