Apple ][ Ootw "Demake"

The Intro, Ending, and many levels redone in 6502-assembly


I've always been impressed by Éric Chahi's "Another World" ("Out of this World" in the US). I especially liked the intro movie. Back in the day I played the DOS version, and later the SNES port.

Recently I was inspired by Paul Nicholas' Pico-8 version. It's dangerous when I see colors and say "hey those aren't too far off what the Apple II can do".

So anyway I made a rough version of the intro movie and first few levels of the game using the Apple II (from 1977) Lores (40x48x15 color) graphics mode.

You might say "Hey, there's already an amazing official Apple IIgs version". That's true, but the Apple IIgs came out 10 years later and has an order-of-magnitude better hardware to work with.

You also might say "Hey, now the C64 people responded to your trolling in the video and have an amazing looking version of the intro movie." True, though I think they're using a 1MB cartridge for that, which seems a bit extreme as I think the original Amiga and DOS versions weren't even that big.


Long playthrough of the game, with commentary:

Raw capture without commentary, captured on an actual Apple IIe. Sorry for the lousy quality of the music, I was having severe problems with the capture hardware. It sounds slightly better on real hardware (and a lot better under an emulator):

Misc Screenshots

System Requirements

Level Playability

LevelPercent DoneNotes
Intro95%I might add music...
Level 1 (Outside)99%
Level 2 (Prison)90%Alien/Friend AI is minimal
Level 3 (Vent)99%
Level 4 (City)90%no Alien AI
Level 5 (Cave)5%Just a placeholder
Levels 6 - 131%Just placeholders
Level 14 (Tank)50%Need button consequences
Level 15 (Ending)70%Working on this one
End Credits99%Mostly there

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Disk Images


Playing the Game

You can try playing the game in your browser at the internet archive, however you can't switch disks so you're limited to just the intro and first few levels: Another World Apple II at Internet Archive

Development Notes

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