Apple II / Atari 2600 Demakes by VMW Productions

Demakes are modern games re-written so that they run on much older hardware, in this case the Apple II (introduced in 1977) and Atari VCS. This is a list of various Demakes I've written, roughly from newest to oldest.

Some of these are just proof-of-concepts rather than full implementations of the games.

Website LinkStatusScreenshots
StrongBadZone Playable (asm)
Lemmings Playable (asm)
Peasant's Quest In-Progress (asm)
Duke Nukem PoC (asm)
Monkey Island PoC (asm)
Myst (lo-res) Complete (asm)
Myst (hi-res) PoC (asm)
Talbot Fantasy In Progress (asm)
Out of this World In Progress (asm)
Doom Joke Demo (asm)
Portal PoC (BASIC)
Kerbal Space Program PoC (BASIC)

Atari VCS/2600 Demakes by VMW Productions

Website LinkStatusScreenshots
Secret Collect. Complete Game (asm)
Myst Proof-of-Concept (asm)
Monkey Island Title Sequence (asm)
C.H.E.A.T. Playable (asm)

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