Apple ][ "Peasant's Quest" Demake

This page is about an Apple II implementation of the Homestar Runner Flash "Peasant's Quest" Game.

This is very much a work in progress, but the full intro runs, and I am gradually adding gameplay. Only part of the game is currently playable.


Taking something obsolete and making it even obsolete-er!

I was working on the hi-res version of Myst and thought it would be interesting seeing how hard it would be to do a more traditional adventure game.

Legal Note

This product contains trademarks and/or copyrighted works of All rights reserved by This product is not official and is not endorsed by

Implementation Details

The Apple II hi-res graphics are a bit too complex to get into here.

For a more-than-you-probably-care-to-know detailed breakdown of the code in the intro, see this document describing the details.

Current Status

SegmentAmount Complete
Peasantry Backgrounds95%
Character Animations10%
Text interface95%
Archery Minigame10%
Rain Scenes0%
Night Backgrounds0%
Mountain Climb10%
Final Battle40%
End Credits99%
Points Possible129 / 150
Endings Possible8 / 12


Video recorded of the intro on an actual Apple IIe Platinum (no, not the Apple II+ in the video. That one runs the game fine, it's just my capture card is hooked up to the IIe):

A playlist of development milestones, recorded in an emulator.

A talk I gave at Demosplash 2021 giving a status update on the project as of November 2021:


Note: these were captured with the AppleWin emulator.

There are also some outtakes.

System Requirements

How can I play it?


Disk Images



Strong Bad Endorsement

Or at least I think it's an endorsement, a bit hard to tell.

Development Notes

2 August 2022

Started looking into finishing things. Have moved to ZX02 compression from LZSA and it has freed up some space which will help.

15 January 2022 -- Version 0.84

A long adventure trying to get two-drive support working. The "seek" that came with qboot ended up not working if you switched active disks, and then somehow after using the PRORWTS seek instead it turned up a possible long-standing bug in qboot when loading partial tracks. Finally though you can run things in two-drive mode w/o swapping disks (I was mostly doing this so internet archive support) but I made the code the mess and I should take some time to straighten it out.

7 January 2022 -- Version 0.83

I should have had some interim releases here, I don't remember all the changes. Most of the remaining text was hooked up, but the cave with the keepers still isn't. The final scene with Trogdor is more complete, including full speech. Initial animations for the Kerrek, and various background animations are hooked up. End credits music should be working again.

5 December 2021 -- Version 0.82

Can now catch yourself on fire, so all three tasks can be completed. This includes all of the inn-at-night dialog.

28 November 2021 -- Version 0.81

Can now get the robe. This includes all of the baby nonsense. So you can now get all the inventory items from peasantry. Also some minor work getting the last backgrounds in better shape.

21 November 2021 -- Version 0.80

Finally have the whole way through the end of the Kerrek battle implemented (no animations still though). Also added a 256 byte word dictionary used to compress the text, this helps a lot with the uncompressed text size and makes things fit again.

12 November 2021 -- Version 0.79

Was hoping to get more done before the Demosplash talk, but guess I should make a release. I really wanted to get up to the Kerrek battle but not quite there. You can now get and view the map and there's a barebones stub for the archery minigame. I'm going to have to optimize the text printing a bit, the peasant1 file (the top row of the map) is now just slightly too big to fit in the 7.5k available, mostly due to adding Kerrek related text that wasn't in the wiki. There are a few things I can do to help with this.

1 November 2021 -- Version 0.78

Have hooked up a lot more of the plot-driven events. You can now in theory get 50 out of the 150 points, and hit game over 5 different ways. Added a random number generator for random events, and enhanced the text parser in the Well level so you can have more complex sentances (such as PUT PEBBLES IN WELL).

24 October 2021 -- Version 0.77

Have hooked up a lot of the text parsing for the overworld. You do need 64k of RAM now to hold all the text. Still working on the more complex interactions and animations though so the best score you can currently get is 4.

13 October 2021 -- Version 0.76

All peasantry backgrounds now have priorities (can walk behind things). Much more text hooked up (though only common things, nothing room specific yet). Added animated GAME OVER screen.

3 October 2021 -- Version 0.75

Working on a lot of minor things. Got load/save game support going. Added initial cliff background (though need to work on colors). Added electric-duet version of the title if you don't have a Mockingboard (still not 100% satisfied with the quality, also it can't do the flame animation while it's playing music). Added some more priority backgrounds. Moved Mockingboard sound support to Language Card (upper 16k) to free up some desperately needed RAM. Added proper Mockingboard/Language-card/SSI detection code.

17 September 2021 -- Version 0.7

Got the full end sequence more or less going. Though not the demoscene-esque multilevel panning that Videlectrix put in. This took a while, partly because there was a sidequest where I was learning how to use the SSI-263 speech chip.

4 September 2021 -- Version 0.6

Have the inventory screen more or less working. It's just over 3k, even though I used fairly tiny item sprites. It's hard getting recognizable items in 14x16 sprite form, especially with the weird hi-res color issues. Couldn't really come up with a good way to grey-out lost items, so xor-ed a delete char instead which is not ideal.

24 August 2021 -- Version 0.5

Added AGI-style priority mapping. You can add collision areas and depth to the scenery so you can walk behind things. So far only have this for the lady's cottage. We store the priority info in the LORES page so it's sort of granular, but this saves 7k of valuable RAM which we're going to need as we add text parsing.

23 August 2021 -- Version 0.4

You can walk around most of Peasantry now.

15 August 2021 -- Version 0.3

You can walk around more of the map now.

14 August 2021 -- Version 0.2

Cleaned up the code. Added the start of gameplay, you can sort of walk around a bit and also enter commands.

13 August 2021 -- Version 0.1

Finally got the intro done! The sprites look horrible but that possibly can't be helped. Sound turned out better than I hoped.

12 August 2021

This was a crazy undertaking but I did want to play around more with Apple II Hi-res. Have most of the graphics done, as well as the intro animation. Need to get sprites going.

9 August 2021

Somehow the idea for this project got into my head and I started working on it.

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