Doom Scene rendered in Apple ][ Hi-res Myst Engine

This is a silly thing I threw together based on my Apple II VGI engine because of a comment Foone made on twitter.


This was a pain to draw. Especially the hexagons on the floor, which you can see I gave up on eventually.

The Apple II colors don't really match well in this case, especially with such dark colors.

I like how the PT3 AY-3-8910 music turned out considering I threw it together quickly. It's based on this TFE version by Commodorejohn.


Video recorded on actual Apple IIe Platinum:

Graphics Comparison

Original Graphic
Handmade Lo-res (40x48 15 colors) Version
Automatic conversion Tool-created Hi-res Image
Handmade Hi-res (280x192 6 colors) VGI Graphics

System Requirements


Disk Images


Development Notes

25 June 2021

Threw this together quickly in a few hours to try to respond to the original post before it got too old.

Hi-res Myst Proof of Concept
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