The vmwcc c-subset Compiler

This compiler started out as my optimizing compilers project for ECE495 at Cornell. I eventually got it working up to spec (although much too late to be counted toward my grade) and I've continued working on it since then.
Features The C-Subset Supported
featureworkingwill it ever
if/else yes
while yes
structs yes
arrays yes
integer math yes
long type yes
int type yes
non-void funcs yes
for loops yes
chars yes
link to libc partial
pre/post inc/dec partial
floating-point no unlikely
ternary (?) no unlikely
bitwise ops no maybe
pointers no maybe
+=,-=,*=,etc no maybe
c pre-processor no hopefully a subset
goto no unlikely
switch()/case no unlikely
in-line assembly no unlikely
self-hosting no when pigs fly

Vince Weaver <vince at deater . net>
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