VMW Software Productions
  • PS/2 Pi: a PS/2 Keyboard Adapter for Raspberry Pi
  • linux_logo A nifty color ANSI Logo and system info displayer. For *nixes especially Linux!
  • ansi2gif Change old BBS ansi files into gifs! Supports regular, animated, and blinking ansi files.
  • fontprint Print to gif or dot-matrix printer using VGA console fonts.
Various Other Projects
  • Apple IIe Stuff: A Dos 3.3 Linux filesystem, a basic de-tokenizer, and other misc utilities.
  • Assembly Language: Assembly language hacks (including linux_logo in under 1k). I can program in 26+ different kinds
  • Obfuscated C: Various attempts at C Obfuscation
  • snes: SNES programming
  • vmwos: A homebrew OS for the raspberry pi
  • vmwcc: A multi-platform C (subset) compiler.
  • postscript: some postscript hacks
  • f77_diagram: creates flowcharts from FORTRAN code.
  • Linux Kernel: Work I've done on the Linux Kernel.
  • Clarity2 gphoto driver: I maintain the gphoto2 driver for Soundvision Clarity2 based digital cameras.
  • uarch-configure: tools for poking around low-level CPU internals
Performance Counter Projects
Old DOS Stuff
  • VMW XMAS: Various DOS Christmas Demos from 1990 - 1996
  • lsv15.zip (DOS) Emulates the unix "ls" command for DOS. More accurately, emulates the IRIX 5.3 "ls -la" command. I made it because I always type "ls" at the MS-DOS prompt. This is much better than a batch file that does "dir." Includes Turbo Pascal 6.0 Source.
  • Paintpro
    A graphical RLE file format I invented back in 1992 before I had access to the internet. I had no access to open graphics formats, but managed to come up with something very similar to PCX. It has been through many revisions, starting as a text, 16 color format for BASIC, and now a complex 24bit packed format for C, pascal, java and others. I still use it for various things, but almost no one else does.
Various Software-Related Rants
  • c++: I hate c++.
  • systemd: Various systemd annoyances

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