Tom Bombem


The Tom Bombem series of games are the culmination of my childhood dream to write video games. It was the first game I designed and wrote that was actually finished and had a coherent plot and gameplay.

"Invasion of the Inanimate Objects" was first released when I was 16. Sadly going off to college took up most of my free time. Thus there has been only periodic work since then, and the games languish in obscurity.

I do still work on the games though.

Variations on the Game

TB1: Invasion of the Inanimate Objects
title screen Level 1

snes title

TB_ASM: Merciless Marauding Malicious Marketers
title screen level 1

title screen Level 1



TB_3D: Tom Bombem 3d [AKA Tom Bombem Forever]
3d ship

TB_XSTITCH: Tom Bombem in Cross-stitch form
crossstitch ship

TB_BEADS: Tom Bombem sprite art

tb1 jack-o-lantern

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